Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4/101 Watch 26 movies I haven't seen, one for each letter of the alphabet

As of today, I have seen 3 out of 26 so far (I love Netflix)

A- According to Greta (2009), This has Hilary Duff in it, the beginning of it reminded me severly of Georgia Rule and I thought it was an odd character for Hilary Duff to star as. The story was great, in my opinion. The difference between Georgia Rule and this movie is the step father isn't sexually molesting the daughter of the story. The mother of this movie seems to be more indifferent to her daughter. I enjoyed the movie myself. And I especially enjoyed that she was hooking up with a cook/chef :)

B- Big Fat Liar (2002), I didn't think the story was all that great for Amanda Bynes. I thought the story was funny, but a little far-fetched.

C- Cashback (2006), this movie...well, it was really really freaking slow. I didn't like that too much. There was a lot of nudity. There is one scene, where they are at the strip club and Ben, the main character, spaces out and looks at a stripper with a lit pole, she was hot. I am not afraid to admit that a female is hot. The end, meh, it was typical of a love story in my opinion.

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