Friday, September 3, 2010

No love for the wicked..

I guess my title is weird. Anyways, chef has been super sick lately, he claims he "feels fine" but I don't know if thats true or just a man thing. (Ha! I know I'm going to get some shit for this later!) I love him a lot. Which is why I made him go to the Dr. for his breathing. So Wednesday night, we go to the Urgent Care (he purposely got off work early for this) and the Dr was in there and is looking around...and he has a double ear infection! He says his ears never even hurt and he never thought that would be whats wrong with him! Honestly, me either. So, he is on antibiotics, which is amoxicillian (sp?) and I am allergic to penicillian (sp?). So that means, no kissing. This sucks, I can kiss his cheek, but not his lips, for another week or so (on the pills for 10 days). This seriously sucks. And its doctor's orders. Again. We couldn't "practice" making a baby since my HCG levels aren't at zero yet and then another 6 weeks after that...but NO kissing?! Sucks balls. (no not literally, but you know what I mean). I guess that explains the title now.

On another note: I have been making dinner lately, it might be "easy" stuff, but I do put forth an effort. Wednesday night, we came home, I was supposed to try out this recipe from my new cookbook Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Cookbook (yes, I just linked you to barnes and noble, I have a nook, what do you expect?). I got the cookbook for my birthday, and have yet to try out a recipe. She is on my "Favorite Author's List" lol. (there is no actual list, its just one of those authors I read all the time and if I find a book by her I haven't read yet, I will read it without knowing more about it, because she is that good). Anyways, chef was a little too tired to wait for me to cook it up so I made mac and cheese and hot dogs instead (ahhh, reminds you of childhood eh?). Chef had his hot dogs on the side, I on the other hand, had mine cut up and mixed in. Love it. Then last night, Thursday, I had to have a friend come and rescue me (isn't that why I got married? No knight in shining tin foil for me, I have FRIENDS!) lol. ...really, its ok chef!.. I had left my headlights on in the car and was stuck at work. LAME. So, K came and bailed me out, she pushed my car (a big feat since its a cadillac) and jumped it. Which is funny since neither one of us knew how to do that. Anyways, she was at our apartment after and we were both hungry, and we (the chef and I) have groceries, so why not cook? I'm capable! So, we had fried egg sandwiches with bacon. mmmmm. I love me some bacon. Now, K wants me to adopt her. Funny, she is about 9 months younger than I am. Not possible, and chef said no. Also, Wednesday, I made (box mix) brownies. I used a new pan, a wilton one, and I wasn't used to baking with it, I usually used a glass one...and apparently in SMALL ass print, it says to cut the baking time by 3 mins, which I didn't see until I pulled it out of the oven. Stupid directions. So we have extra chewy (still good and I love my brownies chewy...) brownies with crisp edges. Oh well. At least I baked something right? Hopefully this weekend I will be making the stuffed peppers. Which chef doesn't like peppers that much but he will deal, he helped me pick the recipe I would use.

We are also moving! We move the 17th, so please excuse the lack of posts and progress on the 101 in 1001. I have barely packed. (eye roll) I guess I am going to be the one packing us up? Seems like it. I start school on Tuesday so hopefully it will be less homework and a little more time for me to pack, at least until we get moved. Ugh, chef? We could have done this SOONER! I had 3 weeks off from school! I know, we have been going thru some shit so I wouldn't have wanted to pack anyways. Sue me. I am a procrastinater. But, I have been bringing home boxes when I can, even before we found the place. There are 4 official boxes packs. Wish me luck!

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