Tuesday, September 22, 2009


so, yesterday, i went shopping with my bestie. much needed btw! my chef was sick and had to do some banquet thing, it sucks that i have a horrible memory. anyways, our usual sunday wasnt working out for the chef and i. so i made other plans. bestie showed up cause its her birthday tuesday, technically today. anyways, i think i mentioned this before, i have to go to a dinner thing i think with my chef and i have this really HOT outfit to wear, just no shoes. so we bought the shoes...http://www.dsw.com/dsw_shoes/catalog/product.jsp?productRef=SEARCH&category=&prodId=195709 i cant get a picture up of them from the internet and im rather lazy to take a picture and post, but i will get one eventually. the chef is here, he just asked if im blogging. HAHA! thats funny. i am a horrible blogger. i try though!

school today, wasnt that bad, but i still get headaches from it. its not even that hard, but i still get headaches. i need to find a chef who is a master of the craft and write a paper on him/her. im thinking about doing Gale Gand from TRU in chicago. any ideas???

ok..im going to go, i have laundry to finish, sleep to get, and a chef to pamper...men turn into such babies when they are sick! and a cake to finish...strawberry jello cake for my bestie!!

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