Thursday, September 3, 2009 much in 24+ hours!

ok, i suck at grammar but not so bad at spelling. i suck at putting paragraphs where they should be, please excuse this! (not that anyone reads my blog anyways) so, my chefboyfriend informed me today that he isnt happy with his job, no big suprise there! now he is applying for jobs in dallas/fort worth area. he wants me ME! to come with him! i have never lived outside Omaha, NE. BIG DEAL for me here. this on top of my other stress...just piles up! i have school, work, bills, etc...all adding up and causing stress. then my chefboyfriend tells me that they have great schools in dallas. GREAT! but i just started school. i dont think with the exception of my sanitation class my credits will transfer. then, theres my friends! they are family to me. i will miss them more than anything. esp my sponsor, H. and my bestie A who has been in my life off and on for 11 years. my sponsor is telling me to go for it! shes super excited. she tells me im not running from anything, im running TO something. which is great for me. this calms my nerves. but then, i think "omg! im going to have to find a new sponsor AND a job AND go to school" no. Chef doesnt want this. he wants me to go to school full time and not worry about working. makes it great!

on another note, my chef jacket and my pants are here! thanks to my loving chef! just need to hem the pants. luckily all those shopping trips paid off!

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