Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day at School

So, I started school yesterday! Yay! I admit, I was absolutely terrified. Not so much of having bad teachers, but the rest! I was late for my second class due to some parking issues. I mean, really? Why not have more parking spaces?! WTF! To make matters worse, I felt like crawling into a hole the entire class! We didnt go over the syllabus very well either. It wasn't until I got to my best friend's mom's house (my best friend is being awesome! and giving me rides to school) that I realized I need my chef's uniform for ONE class. That class happens to be in 2 weeks from yesterday. Talk about anxiety attack! I am starting slow, since I haven't been to school in 6 years. And I wasn't quite prepared for my Orientation to the Culinary Arts program to have homework like book reports. Luckily, I have awesome friends and my Chef is good at english and writing papers. Going to work today was weird too. Hopefully, once I get my required materials and start on my homework, I won't feel like this the entire time I am at school. It was really sweet, even though I didn't see my Chef yesterday, I know he was cheering me on in his thoughts. He even called me and told me its not a big deal I need my chef uniform. Just hearing his voice for a few minutes (even though he was busy at work) helped calm my nerves.

More to come,

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