Monday, September 14, 2009

2nd day of school..

so i had my 2nd day of school today. sanitation was good. i think i might be learning a lot in that class. i just need to follow up with reading the ServSafe book and taking the quizzes (which are homework). i should be good! today was different, i got off school, got something to eat in a drive-thru and came home, and my chef was there! it was so nice. i love it when he gets a little more time off and can actually be there when i get home. my other class, which is orientation to the culinary this class makes my head hurt! i had to come in full chef uniform. i missed a few points...i didnt have an apron and my nails are too long. i didnt even have the school's logo on my chef jacket because i wasnt aware until 2 weeks ago that i needed one, i still made it work and missed only a few things. still, i think i should get credit! oh well.

the chef and i got into a fight. right now, we dont live together. its fine, its still early. im just having a hard time with him having a female roommate that is the same age as me. it gets me every time. he has never done anything to make me think he is cheating on me, but i cant get over the fact that his roommate is FEMALE. we went there after we got off work to pick up some stuff before heading to my house and he was talking to her, with me standing there, telling her plans that i NEVER knew about. THANKS. makes me feel like a fly on the wall. maybe, if someone is reading this, a little advice? i dont try to be jealous, but sometimes, i cant help it when i dont feel like i am there.

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