Saturday, September 5, 2009 the chef works!

ok, so im a bit disappointed, i dont think anyone has really read my blog. oh well, its just me ranting about my chefboyfriend, my job, and school. my boyfriend introduced me to this week and PROMISED not to read my blog! hahaha! lets see how long that lasts! i am definately not looking forward to my night today! especially after yesterday. i made good money (thank you all those GREAT tippers!) but i am beat! i feel like i was hit by a MAC truck with my restaurant's name on the side! it wasnt supposed to be that bad! i went to work yesterday morning thinking i was going to get off at 4 an go back at 5. then, maybe off at 10. but nooo always sick-R had to claim she was throwing up for 20 mins at thebeginning of her shift. THANKS. so i got bumped...and didnt get off until after 11.

good news tho! i got my servsafe book for my class in the mail yesterday. i need to read 3 chapters in a little over a week! great! i still need the chef to dig out the books i need for my other class tho. (honey, if you lied and are really reading this, GO OUT TO THE TRUCK AND GET THEM!) otherwise we WILL be making a trip to the bookstore tomorrow! haha... amoung other things we HAVE to get done tomorrow.
sometimes, i secretly hate sundays. its our ONLY day off together and i feel like he keeps trying to fit in an entire week into one day. thats the part i hate. but we talked about it and he is trying to understand and spend more quality time with me (and by quality, i mean NOT both of us getting off work and sleeping in the same bed together). He knows this. tomorrow's cramming is us *hopefully* eating lunch with my bestie, which she has been neglected on sundays since the chef and i have been together, going to get shoes and other stuff i need for school, and im sure, walmart...since the chef needs a toothbrush for here and other stuff....gah! hopefully i can survive tonight and make it to tomorrow!

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