Friday, September 18, 2009


ohhhh lord. i had a night! tonight we got shut down for a catering event. i have been at my job for almost a year and half and this has NEVER happened. it was cool. the lady had some really cute jeans, me and some of the girls got a good look at her butt so i could find out what brand they were. she asked me what size i was so she could buy me a pair :) i doubt it will happen cause she was a bit drunk when she asked, but i WILL be looking up the brand online, and if i ever figure out how to put pics up i might have to show y'all :) pretty exciting. but today i have just felt out of sorts. FIRST i dropped some stuff when i was setting up this morning at work. then when i got off work i fell into a door and stubbed my toes. i got home and got depressed, i hadnt heard from my chef ALL wasnt until around 8-8:30 that i finally heard from him. also, on my way home, my headphones to my mp3 player that i always wear, started acting up. i think they are broke :( and i have no money to get new ones. it has been really slow these last few weeks, it sucks cause i go to work for 5 hours and make barely anything. but im home now, after falling up the stairs 2 more times. :( LAME. ok..i should get some sleep, i work in the morning :(

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