Saturday, August 29, 2009


Sometimes, I really hate my job, and my chef's job. Last night, I really could've used a night to myself with my Chef. It didn't happen. I guess God has a way of telling me to forget about what happened. Meaning, my mom getting married without even bothering to tell me. This is a long story and battle with her, I really don't feel like getting into. Part of it is what brought me and Chef together. Made me fall in love with him. :) Today, I am uncertain if Chef got what he needed to get done, the beer dinner menu. He had to taste the beers and create the menu. Not a big deal, right? For me, its more of a big deal because that means he isn't with me when I needed him. The other part is, he respects my sobriety and chooses not to come around if he has been drinking. That is nice. Another part that makes me love him. Ahhhh, well. Have to work again, hopefully won't be as late as last night and I get to sleep in again, with my Chef. Something we haven't been able to do for 2 weeks now. I see him in passing, or when he comes over to sleep at my place (yes, we have separate apartments still).

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