Monday, October 5, 2009

finally catching up

ok, i think i mention this every time, i am a BAD blogger. anyways, yesterday, i celebrated 3 years of sobriety (woot woot!). very awesome day. i guess my chef had a whole day planned out...he was going to make me breakfast (or get it) and bring it to me in bed...never happened. does this happen a lot? i am still having a hard time coming to grips with everything getting in the way of my plans. and i do mean EVERYTHING. my birthday (a few months ago), for example, my chef was supposed to come out with me and my friends. he worked instead. he told me he wanted to go to a concert, took that night off...(which was a friday and im a waitress so i need those), he worked.. last thursday (and i know this is different) we were supposed to go to this dinner thing, he was sick. talk about disappointment. i sometimes feel like if its not one thing, its another.
did NOT want to sit here and rant but i guess i needed to considering i did. ok. so! *sigh* i finally got an ipod. HA! i always claimed i didnt want one! i was talking to my chef and mentioned my HEADPHONES died and needed new ones for my mp3 player that i always have with me. he tells me i can have his ipod. i mean, where did this come from? i was talking about headphones?? lol so he gave it to me. i LOVE it. my bestie put on a couple movies for me. so i had a movie to watch while i waited for her class to get done. i quickly learned itunes by just looking around. unfortunely now, i want an itunes card. i love this thing!

last night, we went to this AWFUL restaurant, the chef, my bestie and me. i had a paper to write. we will never go back. it was 94/95 in omaha. im sorry if someone loves that place but, i think it sucked and so did the chef. my teacher laughed at my paper, i really tried to like it though.

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