Monday, November 16, 2009


ok, my computer broke, lame. so i havent been able to blog. heres a summary of what happened:

my computer broke, so no more reading blogs or writing mine. my chef is finally getting a vacation the week of thanksgiving, so i think we will both be giving thanks for that. about a week ago, i lost my job, which is ok, since finals are today! im sitting here procrastinating/trying to wake up to study for said finals. im on a borrowed computer right now, so that is ok. i had it all weekend and am just now getting around to blogging. OH! i finally heard back from FAFSA and financial aid at the school, it looks like i WILL be able to take my classes next quarter! pretty excited/nervous. ohhhh and i got a new tattoo. a friend of mine works at the same tattoo place my chef gets his tattoos done and i have had 3 of my piercings done. i have been a customer of theirs for 7 years so they are all pretty familiar with me. ...sorry, im new to this adding pictures thing and its not going where i want it to!

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