Tuesday, November 24, 2009


i love reading. i have been reading the Gourmet Girl series by Jessica Conant-Park. i got caught up in desperatechefswives.com and she was talking about the books, so i decided to borrow the books from the library. i have been low on funds and have been wanting to read a ton of books, so since i havent seen my chef that much, i decided to reserve a bunch from the library and pick them up. there is a location right down the street from my apartment, so i have a lot to keep me busy. great books by the way!! i started the first one yesterday and am almost finished with it. i know there is a new one out or coming out so i am excited to get caught up and read that one too!

im finally starting to feel like a culinary student. i got most of the kinks worked out with financial aid and was able to get one of my books, my chef uniform (from the school), and prepay for my pastry kit. my chef showed up a few minutes after i got home from the school and plops this HUGE toolbox in my living room. so i ask him "whats that?" he says "come over here and take a look" so i open it....and its a toolbox for ME! i was so excited. its basically everything that will be in my pastry kit from school and MORE! he sat on the floor with me, which i dont think i have ever seen him do and we went thru it all together. i was soo excited. i wanted to just take everything out later and look at it piece by piece but i was afraid my chef would think i was some sort of nerd. but i also think he would understand. what made the toolbox so special....the fact that it was his for about 10 years. he said it used to be covered in stickers from his days of using it. he peeled them all off and filled it with stuff for me. i felt so special. he informed me that its now mine and i can put my own stickers on it to make it mine. i know he has been working on it since i took my admissions tests for the school. i cant believe he took that kind of effort and time for me. and speaking of school, i finally got my other grade for my other class, it too was an A. so i have a 4.0 GPA. i never thought that would happen, just more to strive for i guess!

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