Thursday, November 19, 2009

sad face

still no followers eh?! oh well. this is more for me to vent than anything. right now, its frustrating to be with my chef, mentally, but not physically. i finished my first quarter at school and i got an A on my paper and an A in one of my classes (i dont know about the other class yet). and i have barely spoken to my chef all week. the last time i saw him, he was sleeping in my bed and i had to go take my sanitation(ServSafe certification) test. i dont even have a job to occupy my time. i just sit at home and read, which i got 9 books from the library yesterday and i think im halfway thru one). but its really hard. i was so excited to have an A in a class, i havent gotten an A and actually tried in so long. it felt so good, but i havent been able to share it with my chef. wow. im depressing....sorry.

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