Thursday, February 4, 2010

winter weather advisory

i mean...COME ON!!! reallly? again? wasnt the 8 ft of snow and ice and shit that we got this winter enough?? it was raining this morning when i rode with the chef to work and drove my happy...hurting ass home. not my ass hurting, but my arm/wrist/hand. i dont know what the hell is wrong but it isnt pretty. last night, the chef was supposed to help me with laundry because of my arm pain. i started by throwing clothes into the hallway of my little apartment and he layed on the couch. i attempted for probably 3 mins to put the clothes in the laundry bag while the chef played with his blackberry...i got the detergent and stuck it in the laundry bag. chef still on the couch. i get the quarters for the washing machine. (they are on the end table right next to the couch/chef's head. i heft the bag on my shoulder with my good arm and go and start laundry. i come back upstairs, hes on the phone with his sous chef. OMFG! REALLY?! it hurt my feelings that he didnt make any effort whatsoever to help me when my f-in arm is hurting. i switched the laundry, thanks chef for just watchin me do it! and was messing around on the computer, he started snoring. i dont think i am being completely fair. tuesday nights he gets maybe 2 to 6 hours of sleep usually around 3-4. i know he is exhausted and he gets tired but he made no move whatsoever to attempt to help. i was up since 530am yesterday and didnt get to sleep until 130-145ish. i had to wait for the laundry and my arm was hurting and i didnt really want to sleep with it hurting. anyways, he was snoring on the couch looking cute and adorable to me. i woke him by kissing his cheek and tellin him to take off his pants and go to bed. he gets into the bedroom takes off his pants and is standing by the bed, very groggily he says "can i go pee? right there?" and points at the floor. (he doesnt remember this part but remembers an angel waking him to go to bed). i tell him no and steer him to the bathroom, he proceeds to pee with the door open and the light off. thankfully my broken toilet seat didnt decide to rebel and slam down and i had the hall light on. i have a feeling it might've ended VERY badly. today, he has called me a couple of times to make sure i am ok. he told me i need to go to the ER after work. the thing is, i hate the hospital. i especially hate going by myself. i went probably 5 months ago by myself and it was terrible. i had to have my lady parts looked at. i had to hitch a ride in the middle of the night because i was hurting and i thought something was wrong with my IUD. i had to take a cab home. it was terrible. usually my bestie can take me. she couldnt that night. the chef was at work, i was in serious pain. so i did what i had to. im not going to do it agian.

in other news, i watch Grey's Anatomy. i am a recent recruit for this show, i started watching it maybe 3 years ago when i found out my daughter watched it with my step mom on sundays. then i had an entire line-up on thursdays (im a recovering alcoholic, i have no life). i would start with ugly betty, which is now in its last season! i am soo bummed. then watch grey's anatomy and ER. now ER is off the air and ugly betty isnt on thursdays anymore. and being cancelled. i am pissed. back to grey's...i love that show. i think that Justin Chambers is fucking hot with his bad boy self. LOVE HIM! and of course, Eric Dane. i was a late comer to the show and wasnt around for the battle between mcdreamy and mcsteamy but i secretly root for mcsteamy, but he has been acting damn childish this season. i cry nearly every episode lately. i wanted little grey and mcsteamy to be together. i understand why she couldnt handle the grandparent thing. if i was in the same situation, i might have reacted the same way, i am only 25 and that is damn young to be a grandparent. but, i am not. my daughter is 6. i do cry and yell at the tv. i think that is why i had to stop seeing movies in the theater, last one i saw was bruno. that is NOT for the weak of stomach. my former boss paid for it so i didnt actually pay to see it. and i did laugh at the people who walked out. i have a sick sense of humor and everytime i bring it up, my bestie reminds me i "owe" her for that one :) i should let my wrist rest though, wish me luck on driving tomorrow! ha! the chef stepped outside to call me and bout wound up on his ass, if thats any indication of how it is outside and i havent heard one damn plow, just lots of sirens (not a good sign)

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