Wednesday, February 3, 2010


ok. i still dont know why he didnt call. but i do know that i shouldnt have posted what i did earlier. i love him. he is definately a great man. btw, its a miracle i can type at all. i have this weird bump on my arm and it hurts like hell to move my wrist/thumb, and some of my fingers. which sucks cause i just got done having some sort of weird stomach flu.. anyways, its hard to lift anything so the chef has to carry the laundry downstairs for me and open sodas...he took me to Petrows. i have been there once before with my bestie but i ordered something that sounded really good. it was supposed to be this pot roast thing with gravy. it was roast beef sliced and super dry. i was hoping for a baked potato but they ran out. our server, he was...well...too nice. like kiss-ass nice. i am fond of people being nice just not kissing ass. so what if my man is sporting his work attire, that doesnt change the fact that he is a person. (i was sporting my awesome t-shirt the chef got me on monday) its a cheeseburger skull with crossbones. wont let me steal the pic and i havent taken a pic but its there, i got mine in grey...i dont know what they call it but its grey. anyways, after a terrible dinner and weird service the man took me to wal-greens to get me a wrist thing to sleep with and some icy-hot rolls. i am trying them out for the first time. i never was a fan of this kind of stuff. i am a fan of the thermacare heat wraps but! they dont make them for the spot i need them in. so, all in all, even though the last couple of days have been hard, my chef has been taking care of me. i know i shouldnt be so angry and all that but i need to let off some steam every once in awhile. i mean, i was born female! anyways, baby, if you are reading this, think of the blue october song i was singing to you in the car, and "i cant believe you picked meeee!" im sorry. i love you!

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