Thursday, February 4, 2010


I had to get new toothpaste a couple months ago, its normal. What isn't normal, is my chef likes to "caveman" my toothpaste tube. (In other words, he just squeezes it, the entire tube, even if I push it to the opening.) So, when I went to buy new toothpaste, I bought a different kind of bottle. He didn't say anything. But! Aquafresh came out with their Iso-Active line recently which is in an aresol can kinda thing. Another thing the chef couldn't crush with his man-hands. (Note: I never scolded him on this, just adjusted, he never knew until this morning.) He tried the Aquafresh this morning, and LOVED it! It might be out new toothpaste! I checked out their website, there is a coupon at the bottom of the page, for $1 off. Check it out!
(Please note, this is just my own review with the chef and we aren't paid for it, even though a friend gave me the product because she didn't like it, doesn't mean we won't buy it ourselves since we have tried it and like it)

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