Friday, February 5, 2010


The other day, I think I mentioned having a bad case of the fuck-its. I did. Big time, for a couple of days. Now I am just plain bitchy and tired. Whoever came up with the idea of me working at 6:30am across town can suck it. On top of that, its snowing and won't stop. Sure, its gorgeous, but my poor cadillac can only do so much. Especially when the driver just wants to go back home and crawl into bed. Ha! Like I could really do that! So, here at work I sit, blogging on my blackberry watching it snow while I have my Business Math books in front of me. I am procrastinating. I am tired. Every 4 mins, I yawn and my eyes water. Pretty fun...NOT! These bitchy people come into the bakery, or drive up. Omg! This one was so pissy with me! I was trying to give her her change and she wasn't just rude, she snarled at me "just give me my bread". I mean, wow people! Its snoowing, its not that cold and I hope that lady steps in a sludge puddle and has a wet foot all day. Yep, I wish the crazy and annoying things on people. I don't like to wish accidents on people because of karma and all that but I like to dream of silly things to happen to people. Weird, I know. When my last boss fired me, I almost keyed his car. Not because he fired me, that's nothing. Just the cruel things he said to me to make me cry. Instead, the chef stopped going to that restaurant, as did his cooks out of loyalty to me. It might seem a little harsh considering my former boss made the comment that "dating this chef might be bad for business because now he drinks less and you are a recovering alcoholic" dude, really? Bite it. If you weren't such a dick the staff of his restaurant would go there, but they love me so they don't support your stupid ass. That is payback enough for me. I'm really getting good at this procrastinatng thing, but I should do the homework since I have class tomorrow!

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