Wednesday, February 3, 2010


ok. sooooo!!! i am a little peeved. i dont know if i am hormonal or what, but i have been bitchy and possibly taking things the wrong way and probably not handling shit very well. first off, CHEF you hurt my feelings. i am not taking anymore of your promises. you can just shove them up the ass of your short-shit gm! (honey, i hope you dont read this at work and leave it up). that would be a very big no-no! i cant honestly blame everything on his GM, but right now, it sounds good. DO NOT promise to call me and then dont. unless you are dead or seriously injured, do what you promise. or at least TEXT to say you arent going to do it. GRRRRRRR!!! ok. the butt head is off. i DO love him, he just drives me up the fucking wall. we will get to that later.

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