Monday, June 7, 2010


These last 2 weeks have kinda flown by. I finished up last quarter of school with an A in Baking Basics and Spanish for Culinary Professionals. And a B in Information Systems and Literacy. Yay. I hated Information. It was stupid. I should have tested out. But the test out was 4 HOURS long of my own time. I didnt have that time at the time. lol. So now, I am starting the new quarter tomorrow and I am taking English (for idiots) twice a week for 5 weeks, Pastries for 10 weeks and Human Relations for 10 weeks. Im not sure how I will do in Human Relations. I am not very good with people.. hence why I would rather bake than be a waitress or a teacher...haha. I had a nice little break from school, too short of a break if you ask me. I saw my aunt from TX before school was out for 2 weeks. I saw my step sister, her husband, and their daughter (for the first time) while I was at the La Vista Days Parade. I actually sat with them. I was planning on leaving after an hour or so and stayed for most of the (long) parade. I was sunburned. Now I am peeling! yay! Then I had orientation for my new job at Whole Foods. I think I am really going to like it. If I ever get the hang of being on my feet again. The chef and I went to the Reniassance Festival. It was a lot smaller now they have it at Scary Acres. It was HUGE when I went to it at Iowa Western Community College. We went on the last day so that might've had something to do with it? The chef is back to 6 days, not sure how long but we didn't do much of anything yesterday. We keep saying we are going to go to the Aksarben Farmer's Market, never do. He has complained that I never ask to go take pictures, I did once and he begged off. We were invited to Fun Plex (waterpark) by a tattoo place that we both go to for their 10th annivarsary party and we didnt go to that either. We got his bike and went grocery shopping (not on the bike! it still doesnt have a passenger seat). Now I have all my books and I am (not) ready for school to start again. I am just tired, I guess. Maybe someday I will sleep in...hahahaha

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