Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taste of Omaha

Well, first week back at school :( its a bummer, but it keeps me occupied and busy and I really DO enjoy learning. Yesterday was the start of Taste of Omaha. I parked the car (Betsy) by the chef's restaurant and walked through the park and took some pictures of stuff. I enjoy taking pictures, it relaxes me. I wish I had thought to bring our bread that we dont eat (the "butts") to feed to the geese. maybe they would have been more photogenic. HA! Anyways, we had gotten my Wii at a rent-to-own place and paid it off so as a promotional thing, we got to "rent" something for free for 30 days. We got a new camera. Its 10 megapixels. Exciting for me, the chef is happy since that leave my old camera unattended. So he can take it to work and take pictures with it instead of his phone.

I took this picture kinda far away and just cropped it. I very nearly got a perfect heart!

This little guy was hiding behind the 2 swans. Too cute!

Ok, thats all for now, I am supposed to be in class right now, but Betsy decided she wanted to act up this morning and get a flat. I might post a picture of what was actually in our tire. Thats what happens when the chef talks about trading her in or selling her in her presence! (last time this happened our brakes went out and cost us a lot more than just $21!)
OH! And I walked around the Taste of Omaha for awhile, a lot of restaurants were there, but I was too hot to eat any hot food in the heat. It was a good time, hopefully the chef will want to go with me some...year...

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