Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Year!!!

So, yesterday was mine and the chef's one year anniversary. I have had an amazing time, mostly. There have been hard times, like holidays, and really great times, our christmas surprise...good & support, just to name a few. I still remember when we met. I was waitressing at a restuarant close to his restaurant. He had just moved to Omaha and he had been here for about a week. He came in...or walked up? with a bunch of people from the restaurant he worked at. They all were sitting in my section which was the patio. I was trying to clean up so I could go home from a long night. (I had a boyfriend at the time and it wasnt worth it...) I didn't mind waiting on their table, mainly because they tip extremely well because its usually mostly servers. And they wouldnt give me a hard time for smoking on the job or cleaning up around them. Except, chef was sitting in my walkway so I was basically climbing over him. I'm sure I looked a mess, with my t-shirt advertising the restuarant and a few lewd things and suspenders with buttons that I attached. He drank black and tans (I was always afraid I would ruin the separation on these.) I was friendly with the table and since the chef was new, I explained a few things to him. They stayed for awhile and left. I saw him a bit after that when he would come into the restuarant, he mainly sat at the bar and drank black and tans and ate catfish nuggets. I was sad he never sat in my section again, but was friendly to him.

Eventually, my boyfriend at the time and I broke up. We were never meant to be, and I would still chat with the chef. One night, he said to me "If you ever want to hang out, let me know" I shrugged it off but thought about it quite a bit after that. I waited for him to come back in, it seemed like was only maybe a week. By this time, everyone at work was waiting and watching for him to come in. He finally showed up when I was working and I went up and talked to him again and he again said "If you ever wanna hang out, let me know." I grew balls and said "Kinda hard for me to let you know since I only see you while I am working and have no way of getting ahold of you" I had a point! This still makes me smile to this day! We exchanged numbers and left it at that. I happened to be reading He's Just Not That Into You and I went home and read a part of the book that says if this happens, He's just not that into you. I was sad. So I decided to leave it alone and only see him at work. We had exchanged numbers on a Saturday night and he texted me on Monday, not sure if I was working. Wednesday, we had our first date, less than a week later, we were a couple. Now, a year later, we are engaged, living together, and sharing more than a conversation in a dark restaurant (for me, between customers). I am grateful that I grew balls that day, I was missing out on an amazing man!!

**If you are reading this, I want you to know, I love you. And I am grateful for every (bad & good) day we have together. You keep me balanced, hold me when I am sad and make me laugh. You have always been a constant support to me in whatever I want to do and I couldn't ask for a better man. Thank you! :)

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