Tuesday, May 18, 2010

finals! finally!!

finally, the week of finals. this quarter seems to have just been longer than last. i think its because i have been so unhappy with the job. im so glad that i am getting a new one!!! i *seriously* hate my job. last week, i was scheduled 2 shifts. 1 of which i cannot get home from (without walking a mile uphill and then taking an hour long bus only to pick up the car from the chef's work) and the other shift, i am not available for. sooo sorry y'all cant quite get things together and figure out how to schedule people!!! 2 weeks ago, there was no schedule made. i got a text at midnight asking me to open the next day (6:30am). seriously? wtf?! so that week, the chef and i talked it to death and decided i would go and apply at all the bakeries in the area. BIG pain in the ass. but, worth it. i had 2 interviews in the last 2 weeks and went and filled out the job offer. its only for 1-2 days a week (less than 20 hours). i get paid better. its with a large company (yay!) and i might learn how to bake with the bakers :). i wont be late getting a schedule, my paychecks wont bounce, they will work with my schooling, did i mention i get paid better? hahaha. sorry. very excited about this. this week at my current job, i am working 1 day. i still havent gotten my (bouncy-ball) paycheck and i dont know if it will clear. the whole job is a f-in joke. i understand its a place that has a hard time paying payroll. i also know they have been struggling financially. but the kicker: I KNOW THEY HAVENT BEEN GETTING INVOICES TO COMPANIES THAT WILL PAY THEM ON THE REGULAR! mainly, my chef's. i hear about it. i KNOW. for sure. see, the chef buys the bread from the bakery i work for. the owner, he cant get an invoice to the chef to save his life...ok maybe...but not on the regular. so, no invoice, no money for bread. how hard is it to understand? apparently, very. i was told a bunch of fluff when i took the job. i am very qualified to work there, i have waitressing experience, i am in culinary school, i have worked fast food. i have also done outbound telesales. not hard to sell bread, clean the place, and make sandwiches. not really what i took the job to do though. i was told i would learn to bake. someone else was told that and worked there longer than i and didnt. LAME. so, i am getting out of it. THANK GOD.

anyways, finals are here. i had a presentation (bet you didnt know that did ya chef? you didnt ask) tonight. i did my project on immigrants. i titled my slideshow "Arizona: Anti-immigrant or Anti-Mexican? Why I would learn Spanish for my culinary carreer" yea, it was goood. i might post the paper sometime. its sad what is happening and what is going to happen. that was actually for my information systems and technologies class. for my spanish class, i translated a brioche recipe and then got some general baking terms translated too. the book we use it doesnt have any baking terms in it so i figured i would get some and make a copy for the whole class. im a nice girl like that :)

the chef and i are doing well. a few miscommunication issues but i think we iron things out fairly well. he met my (favorite) aunt yesterday and we both had the chance to hold my baby cousin (he is 4 months). then we looked at a house. we are still going to look at a few other houses we found online but at lease we are looking. hopefully i will be able to spend more time with my aunt again before she goes back to texas.

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