Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy, busy!

lately, I have been busy. Just working, not this week tho! and going to school. i have family coming into town it seems like this entire month. and then the chef is going back to 6 days a week again. (lame!) with all the issues at my job, we decided that it would be best if i started applying for a new job. yesterday, my boss decided not to make the schedule, he said for me to text him what hours i was available, which i did in a timely manner, then text him to let me know my schedule. i got a text at 12:04AM, asking if i would open (6:30am is open). personally, i dont think its very nice to text people so late. the chef and i were in bed at 11:30 and i had gotten up to smoke a cigarette. i keep my phone in the living room because as i have gotten older, i dont need or want to have interruptions so much in the middle of the night. it isnt an emergency that my boss doesnt know how to make the schedule and get it out to people in a timely manner. its not an emergency that i text him at 7:03 for him to let me know my schedule and he waits 4 hours because his phone "died". yea, sorry, i dont buy that. so the chef and i decided that i would ignore the text in the middle of the night *oops!* and start to look for a new job. im never going to be able to bake at my current job, im not ever going to get a schedule before the week starts. my life shouldnt and wont revolve around someone with poor business ethics. ohhh and, im always going to wonder when my check is going to magically appear and whether i can cash it or not. thats no way to live! the chef and i decided we had enough! so...i went out and put in 4 physical applications and was told by at least 2 places they flat out werent hiring (and LEAVE) nooo not that mean, but close. and one place the door was locked? weird. and another place, i think i might've found my boss's match! hahahaha. sorry it was hilarious. i then came home and ate, my stomach was growling way too loud and put in 2 more applications online. more to be put in tomorrow!

still not talking to my "friend" i dont know what to do about her. at least she hasnt tried to text or message me since thursday. the silence, its well....golden! it just seems that after a review of our friendship, it might not be worth it. who really needs toxic friends? life is hard enough. why add to it? yes, i did decide to enter into my relationship with my chef. i knew it was going to be hard, but if i cant have friends that are going to be there (even just to hang out), whats the point? there are a lot of red flags with this girl:
1. her thing about how much the chef makes. her comment was "if i knew how much he made i might be like 'hi!'" *batting eyelashes*---kinda makes me think that a) she is a gold digger and b) she might deep down want my man....not gonna happen! ha!
2. she told me she hates my engagement ring---its not about whether she likes it or not, i LOVE it!
3. the comment that she might "ruin" my(our) wedding. regardless of her explanation behind this: a) she is too big and would make me look bad: HELLO!!! do something about it and im not talking about a 2 week "diet" you gave up on because it was "too hard" and b) she would bawl thru the whole thing because she feels like she is losing a friend....why not think of it as you are gaining a friend??? oh wait! red flag #2 ruined that for ya!
4. the incident years ago (like 4) where she told my daughter's father that my ex and i were putting my daughter in the middle of our breakup causing years of strain with my daughter's father and i and CPS to show up at my house (thanks "friend"!)
5. she claimed she was going to get help for her depression, after speaking to a mutual friend, she hasnt gotten the much needed help
6. she said she was upset about the engagement because she was having a bad day and my news didnt help...WHAT? that would make me happy! not bring me down. i guess different people handle good news different ways.....hmmm
7. after i got upset with her for her reasons why she wasnt happy for me, she randomly showed up at my house...with flowers. sat around my house after apologizing to me and i told her i needed time to think about things, she hung around until 1am...btw, she showed up at 11pm. then, she said she would let me think about things on my own and let me come to her. instead, every couple of days, i have gotten a text or message from her. sounds like she is doing what she said!! not

ok, im not a complete bitch. maybe i am wrong about her. i dont know. i need input. i have lots going on with my job and finals are starting here soon too, i dont have a lot of time to exactly sit around and contemplate my friendship with the girl. sorry if that makes me bad. input would be helpful though!!

More to come!!

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