Monday, April 19, 2010


why hello! i cant keep apologizing that i am absent. i am a busy person. especially since i have been working 4 days a week and i go to school 3 days a week...some of these overlap. which leaves me with just one day off...and that happens to be the day off with the chef! yay! tonight, we are having a date. i am pretty excited about this. i am currently at work, but i have a laptop and wi-fi so i am in business! and its pretty slow. i figured it wouldnt hurt to at least say hello and catch y'all up on the business of...well my life! so, ummm...i had my midterm in my baking basics class. i got a 100% on my practical portion of that and i didnt do so hot on my written portion. just means i need to work harder. i had a test in my spanish class last thursday, i got a B on it. i cried because i didnt know some of the words that i needed to. i was upset because i felt like i was going to disappoint chef. i want to do well for myself and i want him to be proud of me. i just kinda broke down for a minute. this week, in spanish, we are going to the mexican grocery store and then a bakery and then go eat at a restaurant. i already know im going to be bringing home some food for the chef. it will be a nice treat for him. SPEAKING of the chef!! he proposed to me on friday night, and i said YES! after a i gotta keep him in suspense. it was super cute and he didnt get down on one knee or anything, but i guess he didnt realize i had already put the ring on my finger before i said yes. i love him so much. i am very excited about starting my life with him as his wife. but, for now, i am his fiancee, at least until i finish school. and i am ok with that. i need the time to bring my best friend around or replace her. grrrr. i went off and found her the night he proposed, she wasnt even happy for me. last night, we had a long talk and i feel like nothing was accomplished. it hurts my feelings so much that she cant even be happy for me. i know she has a lot going on in her life, i do too, but she was upset because the day he proposed, SHE was having a bad day. didnt know we needed to make sure she was having a good day before giving her good news. it should have cheered her up. instead, she is being selfish. i am supposed to be on cloud nine right now (it still hasnt hit me yet) but i cant be happy with her trying to constantly bring me down. if she isnt going to be happy for me now, how is she going to be on my wedding day? i know she might just need some time, but she is upset for stupid reasons. however legitament they are to her. she even told me she is mad for stupid reasons. i just feel like i cant put my life on hold just for her. *sigh* i dont know how to carry on with the whole situation.

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