Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fiasco

omg. terrible easter! but, no tears so far! which is good, this has been my favorite holiday and i have been distracted away from the fact that i dont have my daughter. it started with the chef, he had to only work an hour today. which was early this morning. i got up with him because it seemed like he was refusing to get up. i was up probably for an hour and a half and had to go lay down. i hurt my back (i think i pinched a nerve) and have been trying to take things slow. i thought i was superwoman the other day and switched the mattresses and boxsprings by myself and hurt myself in the process. i didnt miss class on friday but i did miss my spanish class on thursday. my teacher was understanding and i checked my voicemails after class on friday and received a very sweet voicemail from my teacher wishing me well. it helped because i was bawling in class on friday because my teacher is such a dick. i had made lemon merigne pie (i cant spell!) and i didnt bake the top enough to cook the eggs. my bad. he told me he wasnt going to try it (again!) asshole. so, i got upset. he actually cut into it, my lemon was perfect and gave me an 8 out of 10. made me happier.
back to easter! we went out for a nice lunch after i slept until nearly 1:30! i needed the sleep. then we went and got my digital scale for my baking class. we were driving home and saw a car accident. the chef was going to go a different way and forgot to turn, but then we were going to go thru a parking lot and i saw they were letting cars thru, so we turned. i realized it was my best friend's car. she got broadsided on her passenger side. it was at an intersection we use frequently to get from her house to mine and back. i freaked out. the chef, of course, didnt believe it was her car but she was standing on the corner with her family. he couldnt park the car fast enough. she is ok. she is shaken up. they gave her a ticket for "failure to yeild". assholes. there was a lot of drama going on because she called her mom and asked her to come and the entire family HAD to show up. give me a fucking break. her uncle nearly got arrested and my best friend just really needed a calm voice and a hug. it looks like her frame is bent and her front axel is broken on the passenger side. this isnt what she needs right now, but i guess i just need to be there for her. the couple that hit her, they are and 80-something couple in their sunday best. the woman's airbag deployed and she got a bloody nose and a swollen face. she got some blood on her jacket but said "if this jacket is the only casualty today, im ok with that" i guess it was something to keep my mind away from all the other crap. anyways, off to watch a comedy with the chef! i love watching movies with him lately!

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