Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I had a midterm yesterday in my culinary foundations class. I had practiced for this one. Only for the juilliene and batonet part. I cut up around an entire pound of carrots to do this. But he walked around to everyone and fingered my onions, complained my juilliened onions were uneven, I blame it on the fact that when I cut the onion in half it was crooked. He said "you get the idea" pawed thru my veggies a bit more said "good" and walked away. I think I passed? I have no idea. Its always hard to tell with this chef.
I had a dream last night that I saw my best friend that I met in middle school. I haven't seen here since a little bit after her wedding. She stopped wanting to hang out with me after awhile. I don't know if she figured out that I am an alcoholic before I did and that ruined years of friendship, but it hurt bad to know that I lost a friend. It still hurts. I miss her sometimes. Anyways. My dream. There was a guy who had taken her ring and was trying to propose to me with it. I was pregnant at the time and very flattered (I am NOT pregnant in real life, this is a dream). So he was proposing to me with my former best friend's engagement ring. I told him no because I love my chef. I then tried to get into a movie and couldn't and then saw my chef. He proposed to me and I said yes. I was pregnant with his child in my dream. I also had told the guy that I love my chef and he has my heart. That much is true. We have been talking about marriage quite a bit. He told me we need to get married in a church since I won't elope. I sat looking at him like he had lost his fucking marbles. I told him he obviously doesn't know me. He just assumed that I didn't want to elope I wanted a church wedding. I don't know what I want honestly. I just want to wear a dress and my hot purple heels. I don't know beyond that. Maybe once I get a ring it will become more clear to me. Oh! I can't wait for valentine's day. We are celebarating the sunday before because, well, obvious reasons. I told him I would rather celebrate earlier than after the fact otherwise I wouldn't feel as good on the day about the whole situation. Good luck trying to make heads or tails of my posts...

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