Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lemons!, i logged on today to check out some stuff, i was feeling a bit blue today, so i needed to get a pick-me-up from my other DCW blogs i read. i found out that i was nominated by Go Erin Go! for the "When life hands you lemons" blogging award! Thank you Erin! I am really honored!
so, the rules are pretty simple:
1. thank the giver of the award (done) and link to their blog (done)
2. share 5 things about myself
3. link 5 new recipients of the award and notify them
so here is my 5 things about me:
1. when i was in labor with my daughter (and had contractions about 3 mins apart), i drove myself to work, tried to work and then drove myself to the hospital. crazy, right? i was in false labor 2 days prior so i didnt think it was anything! ha!
2. my favorite disney movie is The Little Mermaid. i used to have it on vhs but i think i left it at my dad's when i moved out. i got a dvd copy for my 25th birthday, i was very excited!
3. speaking of vhs, i still own a (working) VCR, although, i dont think i have anymore vhs tapes, it just collects dust
4. i dont know my natural hair color year round, when i was younger (like 4 or 5) my hair was white blonde and whispy, then in my teen years (13 to 14) i had dirty blonde in the winter and strawberry blonde in the summer. i started dying my hair after that. i have been doing it for years so i *think* its dirty blonde. not for sure on that though!
5. i have a memory almost like a goldfish. i can never remember names at all! when my chef got my number, he was wearing his chef's jacket with his name on it, thats how i remembered it! (i dont think he knows this but he didnt remember my name either!)
my 5 recipients of this award are:
again, thanks Erin, its an honor!

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