Monday, January 18, 2010

days off..oh yea!

I love days off! Especially when I can spend them completely with my chef. Yesterday, we ran errands. A couple months ago, I introduced him to Runza. From what I understand, these are a Nebraska only thing. They have crinkle cut fries and I love their burgers. My chef, he eats Runzas. These are hard to explain but they are good. We did a lot of running around. We like to go to Flying Worm which is a vintage store. They have a great selection of dresses and even have little onsies that are tie-dyed for when we decide to have kids. I get called a hippy baker a lot even though I have only made cookies at christmas (from scratch) and a cake for my best friend's birthday (partially from a box). I guess a lot of it has to do with the way I dress sometimes and my newest tattoo. Oh well! Its better than nothing! So, anyways, we didn't buy anthing at Flying Worm yesterday but looked around a lot. It was crazy busy and I am not a huge fan of crowds. So then we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. This is a little bit when things went south. My chef and I have terrible credit. We don't have patience to wait for things so saving up for something is hard for us. We (mostly he) have been wanting a new flat screen tv. I have a large tv that is ancient but it was free and kinda think that a) we don't need another bill and b) the other tv works just fine, why replace it? He doesn't listen very well at all. His sous chef met up with us and had his NFM card in hand ready to use (we just pay the bill). We got a 42 inch LCD HDTV. WE DON'T LIVE TOGETHER! Its crazy how much trust he has in me. I have been sober for over 3 years but sometimes I am still amazed and baffled. I think I just need to get used to it all. We spent (by we I mean I) 2 hours cleaning my disaster I call my living room, we had furniture to move and vacuum under, the works. All for this TV. We get done and he lays down to watch Iron Chef and ignore me. I mean, WTF! At least we had today off together. We went to a used bookstore and each got a book and then bought some records. We ate lunch at Hooters, my first time ever, it wasn't too bad. I just have a hard time with the sleaziness of the place. Then we hit up a couple more vintage shops and even an antique store. We found a lovely record player that we will be getting soon and some gas stoves that are to die for! I hope to dream of these stoves! School tomorrow and a long day for my chef. At least we had these past 2 days to start off our week.

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