Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking up

Things have been going good for us around here. We have been having my daughter EVERY weekend for the last 4 weeks. We already have plans to have her this weekend, next weekend and probably the weekend after that. It doesn't seem to be changing. I am happy. This past weekend, she was here starting on Thursday because she didn't have school on Friday. Chef had to work (of course!) and I had to work on Friday night. Luckily for me, my friend had the day off and was able to watch my daughter for me. Next weekend (not this coming weekend), my daughter will be coming again on Thursday. My mom is taking her to see the Grinch at the Orpheum. My mom messaged me on facebook and when she did, she made it sound like she wished I was able to go with her and my daughter. When she met my chef, he invited her and her husband to dinner at his restaurant. When my mom and her husband came to pick my daughter up at my house on Sunday, she said maybe her and my daughter will go to his restaurant to have dinner before the show. In her message today, she invited me to come along with to dinner. I wanted to so badly ask her if I could join but I didn't want to step on any toes, even though its my husband's restaurant. I have a lot of mending of fences to do with my mom and I need to let her do it at her own pace. I am ok with that. I am slowly learning patience. I had tears in my eyes just thinking about dinner with my mom. I haven't had dinner with her with it being just me and her and 1-2 other people in so long. I remember being pregnant and meeting her, my brother and grandpa for lunch. Otherwise it was for my daughter's 2nd birthday, there were 5 people there though. This is a major step for both of us.

Speaking of my mom and her husband....they got married a little over a year ago (August 28th, 2009). I wasn't invited to the wedding, I heard about it from another family member. I had been told a few years ago that if I ever showed up at my mom's house, her husband would greet me with a shotgun/rifle. My chef met her husband Sunday. It wasn't good. My husband behaved himself, he went outside to greet my mom, it was her first time at my new apartment. She hasn't been to a home I have lived at in almost 5 years. My chef stuck his hand out to my step dad and introduced himself. My step dad gruffly said his name. That was all. When they all came inside the house, I was in my daughter's room grabbing a few things. I came into the living room and said "Hi." Nobody acknowledged me. Then, I specificially said "Hi, R" since I had just spoken to my mom on the phone....my step dad almost blatantly ignored me. It hurts my feelings. I shouldn't let it, but I can't believe that he could be so rude to me, and then my daughter in my home. I will be nice, but I think it might be wasted on him. Oh well, his loss.

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