Saturday, November 13, 2010

Identity Crisis

Well, seems the Chef might not be a chef much longer. (Now chef, don't get mad.) It could be his own doing and it could be the work of "the man". Either way....he might not be working in the restaurant industry. Sad. So, now, I might be having an identity crisis. Will I still be the wife of a chef? I still believe he is considered a chef even if he isn't working the job part of being a chef. He worked hard to earn that title and now he may not use it anymore. I mean, once a judge is a judge even after they retire, they are still thought of as a judge, right? Who knows. This crazy thing we call life...its well, CRAZY! I know I am no longer a chef-in-training. I am simply someone who loves food. I don't enjoy baking anymore. I have changed my major and will be actively looking for a new job soon. I love my chef and I believe he will still be a chef even if he doesn't have a job in a restaurant. He is burned out, he needs a break. He needs to spend a normal valentine's day with his wife. Not that I am sure what that entails considering I haven't really celebrated valentine's day in many years, at least not the normal way. Will I still be able to offer my wisdom to other chef's wives?? I don't know the answer to that. I hope so. I have learned a lot by his job. I have met a few internet friends because of his job. I hope my opinion and my experiences still count. Anywho, I should really get to bed! The kiddo seems to like to get up early!

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