Monday, March 15, 2010

Lo siento.

i am sorry, that is my translation for today. i havent been around, i know my boyfriend has reminded me i havent posted in awhile. things have been crazy-busy around here. first off, the quarter ended, then the chef was moving in (and still is). then, there was the fact that i had a horrible cold and still occassionally have a cough. so i was missing work. then, we got new furniture, and new stuff for the apartment. our apartment is a wreck, simply because we havent had time or energy to put into it.
school started last week, omg! every new quarter i get super nervous. i dont know why, i just do. i worry about everything, "will i know anyone?", "what am i doing in school?! i cant do this!", "what if my teacher is a prick?!", "i cant do this!". yes, i have a lot of voices in my head saying negative things to me and about myself. i need to quiet them down. i have already had 2 of my classes and a TON of homework for both of them. i start another class tomorrow night and it should be a breeze. I HOPE. i realized today that i will have ONE day off this week. so, pretty busy on that front.
we also joined a gym! i am excited about this! i dont want to be out of shape and i have trouble areas i really want to work on. i am starting slow, we only went once and i power walked almost a mile. i was doing good! today though, the chef was sick and i lazed my day after work happy that i completely my spanish homework.
SPANISH! that brings me to another thing! omg! i was really irked by the whole thing. i was at work doing my spanish (for culinary/foodservice professionals) and a customer walked in. she was an older lady and she got her bread and somehow it came up i was doing my spanish homework. i told her what i was going to school for and she said "why do you need to know spanish? its not like the recipes are in spanish!" i held down my urge to smack her. i smiled sweetly and informed her that most people who work in the kitchens nowadays, are mexican or speak spanish. the look on her face was, well, PRICELESS! she looked appalled that mexicans cook her food. i ALMOST told her that a mexican made the bread she loves so much. i hate how closedminded people are. so lady, no! the recipes arent in spanish, a lot of the ones i might want to use are in french originally, however, thanks to julia child and countless others, i dont need to learn french in order to bake. stupid people make me mad, and dont even get me started on the stupid behaviors of my boss or others....

does your chef employ mexicans or people who speak spanish? mine does, they are hard workers and cause little problems! we also have mexican bakers at my work. my last job, we ONLY had mexicans working in the kitchen. works for me!
hasta luego!

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  1. My chef's "kitchen spanish" is great! But ask him to say anything that has to do with the real world and he can't do it. And don't feel bad for not writing on here-write when you can! We'll understand.